Print / Brand / Web Design

Print, brand, and web design samples.

Various Clients
Project Type
Dec 2014
Feb 2021
Print, Brand, and Web Desgin

Print Design

Yoda, a 2d Illustration made in Adobe Illustrator.
A menu for AFURI, a Tokyo based ramen chain.
AFURI menu (flip side).
Menu design for an upscale bar in Minneapolis, MN called Lyn 65.
Menu design for Marukin Ramen. Another ramen chain based in Japan.
Marukin menu, flip side.
A portrait of Christopher Wallace, aka The Notorious B.I.G.

Brand Design

Logo concepts for a non-profit in Oklahoma City.
Logo concepts for the Minnesota Wild hockey team.

Web design

Web design for Greenbits, a POS product for cannabis dispensaries.
Website design for Portland State University.