Pigeon Courier

A mobile app that helps bicycle couriers make their deliveries more efficient.

Pigeon Courier
Project Type
Product Design
Jan 2021
Jan 2021
UX / UI / research

Pigeon Courier

I created Pigeon to help bicycle couriers complete their deliveries in the most simple and efficient way possible.


Most courier apps do not cater to the unique user needs of cyclists. Often the UI is too small to easily interact with while riding. Other courier apps may have an improved interface, but they may not offer the rider as much freedom in terms of choosing their own jobs / orders.


Pigeon was designed with the needs of cyclists in mind during every step of the process. The UI is easy to interact with at a glance and all vital information is readily displayed. Pigeon also enables riders to work fluidly as a team by allowing them to have full control over which jobs they choose to pick up.

Research / Ideation

Competitive Analysis:

Much of my research for Pigeon was conducted by actually utilizing multiple courier apps to deliver food. Over a period of many months, I completed hundreds of deliveries with Caviar, Postmates, Door Dash, and Twinjet (the web app utilized by a local courier company in Portland). During this time I took notes on what worked well and what was broken in each of the apps.

User Research:

I was blessed with an incredible focus group for this project. My fellow riders at CCC in Portland gave me a deep insight into what types of features they value in a courier app.

An in depth documentation of my research is available here.

User Stories / Flows:

User Stories:

As a [user type], I want to [action] so I can [reason].

01: As a [new courier], I want to [get quick directions to my delivery destinations] so I can [complete my deliveries as efficiently as possible].

02: As an [experienced courier], I want to [view a visual breakdown of my deliveries] so I can [get a more in depth understanding of my daily activities].

03: As a [cyclist]. I want to [see all my vital information in one easy to locate place] so I can [accept and complete my deliveries as efficiently as possible].

Pick up a job flow
Assign job flow


Branding / Prototype


My bicycle courier app is called Pigeon. It is inspired by the flocks of birds who fly effortlessly above me as I cross many of Portland’s bridges. They seem to work as a team in the most seamless way possible.

Logo and wordmark


I have chosen to use the typeface family “Libre Franklin” for my transit application. It is a classic sans serif font that has an air of professionalism to it. I wanted the font to be fairly straightforward with a pinch of upscale personality.

Libre Franklin


I chose a color palette that included nods to the feathers of a pigeon and the shades of blue in the sky. I also included a bright highlight color for accent purposes.


Clickable prototype available here.

Future Plans:

This was a great exercise in solving a real world problem. I took an idea and executed it from start to finish. I am really hopeful that I can fully develop Pigeon and that I can have a local courier company utilize it for beta testing.

In order to bring Pigeon closer to life, I will be doing tutorials on Swift UI in hopes that I can learn to develop my own applications. I will also be networking with devs in search of someone that may be willing to work with me on some projects!

Hopefully one day bicycle couriers will be using Pigeon to complete local deliveries! 🤞

Full project presentation slide deck available here.