Meal Plan Pro

A web based application designed to help people plan their meals.

Private Client
Project Type
Product Design
Nov 2020
Nov 2020

Meal Plan Pro

Meal Plan Pro helps people simplify the meal planning process.


Our client enjoys cooking at home but does not want to constantly choose what to make on a daily basis. They would like a product that helps them plan their entire week or month. They also need help tracking their recipes and available ingredients.


My team accomplished this task by creating a meal planning app that allows users to easily map out up to a month's worth of meals based on their preferences or dietary restrictions. Meal Plan Pro also helped to streamline the planning process by providing cooks with a convenient recipe library and and synchronized shopping list.


My primary role on the team was to help craft the wireframes and prototype for our product.

Research / Ideation

User Research:

Our team explored a couple different routes for gathering research insights during this project. First off, we interviewed our client to get a clear idea about his personal pain points and vision for the project. We also sent out a survey to gather quantitative data about our users and their meal planning habits.

Based on our survey, we found that most users cook at home quite often and regularly create meal plans, but they often get bored with what they cook and they want the planning process to be more seamless.

Information Architecture:

Chosen User Stories:

  • 01: As a [new user] I want to [have recipes selected for me] so that [I will know what to make for dinner]
  • 02: As a [returning user] I want to [import a recipe from another website] so that [I can easily expand my recipe library].
  • 03: As a [returning user] I want to [see a shopping list] so that [I will know what items to obtain at the grocery store].

We decided to prioritize these three user stories for our MVP because they solved all of our client's major pain points and they helped to alleviate pain points uncovered in our user research.

Meal Plan Pro sitemap v03

Sample User flow:

Add a Recipe flow


Prototype / Testing


Clickable prototype available here (desktop only).

Usability Testing:

We conducted 7 moderated usability tests via Zoom. During these tests we were able to uncover common pain points for initial users. We then iterated on our lo-fi prototype to reflect these changes.
We also used to conduct un-moderated user tests.

A few of the main takeaways / changes from user testing were:
- streamlining the onboarding to reduce the amount of work for the user up front
- removing the entire ingredients inventory page (too much work for user to maintain manually)
- fixing bugs (e.g. broken links, inconsistent interactions, dead ends)

Future Plans:

  • Google / Apple Cal. integrations
  • Design a mobile version
  • Build it out for all web browsers!