Joyride Transit

A mobile application designed for city transit riders.

A Mid-Sized US City
Project Type
Product Design
Oct 2020
Oct 2020
UX / UI design

Joyride Transit

Joyride Transit was created to help people navigate their local transit systems quickly and easily.


Certain stops in the city have many different routes running through them, so riders needed a simple way to distinguish between them.


Joyride allows riders to quickly purchase tickets in the app, as well as view bus routes in real time on a map.

Research / Ideation

User research:

Research for this application began with competitive analysis and market research. I needed to find out how other products had been successful in this area. I then moved onto user surveys and follow up interviews. Using the data gathered from these research methods, I was able to develop user personas and user journey maps. These journey maps would then become a foundation on which to build my user flows.

Most important features

Full User Research survey available here.

Initial research insights presentation available here.

Persona development:

Most of the people I surveyed were young professionals, so they became my primary personas.

Joyride Transit persona journey map

User flows:

Sample User Flow


Branding / Prototype / Testing


I chose to call my transit app “Joyride”. During my research I found that a majority of people do not find riding the bus to be particularly enjoyable. My hope is that a delightful, easy to use app will help to
improve people’s overall ride experience.

Logo and wordmark


I have chosen to use the typeface family “Inter” for my transit application. It is a legible, approachable, practical websafe font that will be provide my app with a modernized look and feel.


I chose a color palette that felt light and welcoming but also included a dark tone that could be used in contrast. I want my app to be friendly, accessible and subtle.

Joyride Transit colors


Clickable prototype available here.

Usability testing:

I conducted a few usability tests (via Zoom) on my prototype to work out some of the kinks. I was able to make some minor adjustments to the layout and got some great input for future iterations of the product.

Future plans:

At some point I would love to hook up with and iOS or Android developer to make this app a reality. I believe it could have a large impact on the daily lives of so many people.

Full project presentation slide deck available here.